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Title: Chris Wallace Says NO EVIDENCE of Vote Fraud by Mail!
Post by: davik62 on 05 22, 20, 08:47:00:PM
Fox News's Chris Wallace discredited President Trump's claims that mail-in voting is susceptible to fraud, arguing Friday "there really is no record of massive fraud
or even serious fraud from mail-in voting."

"I've done some deep dive in it, there really is no record of massive fraud or even serious fraud from mail-in voting," Wallace, who anchors "Fox News Sunday,"
told "America's Newsroom" on Friday morning.

"It's being carried out in Republican states, it's being carried out in Democratic states, there's no indication that mail-in voting as opposed to in person voting tends
to favor one party over another," Wallace said.

Donnie and the GOPpers just making shit up again...

Title: Re: Chris Wallace Says NO EVIDENCE of Vote Fraud by Mail!
Post by: lakitss on 05 22, 20, 08:58:19:PM
How the fuck does he know? He doesn't. It happens, and happens every election.

Title: Re: Chris Wallace Says NO EVIDENCE of Vote Fraud by Mail!
Post by: davik62 on 05 22, 20, 09:22:30:PM
Then show us the evidence!

Come on!  Put up, or shut up!

Wallace investigated (did a "deep dive" and looked for evidence, but found none.

If you have some, then here is your chance to put Wallace to shame.

Show us some evidence of Large-Scale Vote Fraud!

Title: Re: Chris Wallace Says NO EVIDENCE of Vote Fraud by Mail!
Post by: Dan on 05 22, 20, 10:09:52:PM
He should try doing some research.  A man just plead guilty to soliciting bribes to manipulate the mail in vote results.

Title: Re: Chris Wallace Says NO EVIDENCE of Vote Fraud by Mail!
Post by: davik62 on 05 23, 20, 02:14:40:AM
No source, no link, you got NOTHING!

Even if true, how does one man = "massive voter fraud?"

Title: Re: Chris Wallace Says NO EVIDENCE of Vote Fraud by Mail!
Post by: omiaqt on 05 23, 20, 02:47:46:AM
Why is the judge in Philadelphia pleading guilty of voter fraud, ms/mr davik62?

Title: Re: Chris Wallace Says NO EVIDENCE of Vote Fraud by Mail!
Post by: wvit1001 on 05 23, 20, 02:50:42:AM
from what I've seen it was only a couple hundred votes over several elections wasn't it omiaqt?  and it didn't have anything to do with mail in ballots.

Title: Re: Chris Wallace Says NO EVIDENCE of Vote Fraud by Mail!
Post by: D2D on 05 24, 20, 04:15:31:AM
The one thing a Democrat can do better than a Republican is refuse to play by the rules, consequences be damned. We’ve seen it time and again, year after year.
Of course, there’s a highly likely chance the mainstream media will write this story off as just some “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

From TDW (
United States Attorney William M. McSwain announced on Thursday that Domenick J. DeMuro, a Judge of Elections in Philadelphia, has been charged with and pleaded guilty to stuffing ballot boxes over the course of several years with fraudulent votes for Democrat candidates in federal, state, and local elections.
“During his guilty plea hearing, DeMuro admitted that an unnamed political consultant gave DeMuro directions and paid him money to illegally add votes for certain Democratic candidates,” the Department of Justice said in a statement. “These candidates were individuals running for judicial office whose campaigns had hired the consultant, as well as other candidates for various federal, state, and local elective offices who were preferred by this consultant for a variety of reasons.”

Title: Re: Chris Wallace Says NO EVIDENCE of Vote Fraud by Mail!
Post by: D2D on 05 24, 20, 04:16:15:AM
Various residents of Passaic County, New Jersey are complaining ( about not receiving or sending a vote-by-mail ballot.
Such complaints have emerged despite the Board of Election records showing a ballot in their name was mailed in.
A resident of Passaic County, Ramona Javier made the same complaint.
“We did not receive vote by mail ballots and thus we did not vote,” she stated in Spanish. When she was presented with an official list of some of the people who voted in her neighborhood – where her name was also on that list —, Javier stated ”This is corruption. This is fraud.”
According to Javier, there are eight relatives and immediate neighbors she knows that were listed as having voted but who sustain that they never received ballots. One of Javier’s relatives says she had been in Florida for weeks.
The local councilman, Luis Velez, acknowledged that a dozen of similar cases have taken place in his ward.
“Where is the democracy in this? Where is the fair process?” Velez stated.
Corruption continues to be a major issue regarding vote-by-mail election taking place across Paterson, New Jersey — the third largest city in the state.
NBC New York highlighted ( some questionable video footage that surfaced of voters carrying multiple ballots:

Videos are surfacing online of a single voter carrying numerous ballots. Postal workers were seen leaving some ballots sitting out in building lobbies. And hundreds of filled out ballots were found by postal workers in single mailboxes in Paterson, suggesting a possible vote bundling operation which election experts say is a crime. In one case, officials said more than 300 Paterson city ballots were found in a single mailbox in an entirely different town: Haledon. (

Title: Re: Chris Wallace Says NO EVIDENCE of Vote Fraud by Mail!
Post by: D2D on 05 24, 20, 04:18:57:AM
Boss Tweed may have said it best ( “As long as I count the votes, what are you going to do about it?”
Tweed’s comment, of course, goes directly to the cornerstone of a healthy republic: the citizenry’s faith in free and fair elections. Absent that fundamental guarantee — that only honest votes will be counted — a nation’s elected leaders lack legitimacy and moral authority, and the nation itself lacks the consent of its people. And this is what separates the United States from the tyrannical regimes and the banana republics.
This electoral season, however, will see that guarantee tested to its fullest. In their zeal to defeat Donald Trump in November, and in their utter refusal to let a good crisis go to waste, Democrats at the national and state levels are using the China Virus as an excuse to promote and enact ( a nationwide vote-by-mail system.
One of the battlegrounds for this push is Michigan, a state whose 16 electoral votes went to Trump by a razor-thin margin in 2016. Yesterday, Trump took aim ( at the state’s secretary of state, Democrat Jocelyn Benson, whose office has sent 7.7 million absentee ballot applications to Michigan voters. As the president noted (, “This was done illegally and without authorization by a rogue Secretary of State. I will ask to hold up funding to Michigan if they want to go down this Voter Fraud path!”
We’re not yet sure of the legal ramifications of Benson’s decision, but the action of the former Wayne State University Law School dean no doubt pleases Michigan Governor and possible Joe Biden running mate Gretchen Whitmer, whose infringements upon the liberty of the people we noted ( last month.
Another state currently under siege ( from the absentee-ballot activists is Texas, where a U.S. district judge has ruled that all the state’s residents must have access to vote by mail. We know what you’re saying: Texas is a reliably red state. But is it? A buffoon like Beto O'Rourke came too close for comfort in the Senate race with Ted Cruz there two years ago. And with judicial activism as alive in Texas as anywhere else, the Lone Star State’s must-have haul of 38 electoral votes may soon be up for grabs. If Republicans lose Texas, it’ll be a long time before they see the White House again.

Title: Re: Chris Wallace Says NO EVIDENCE of Vote Fraud by Mail!
Post by: D2D on 05 24, 20, 04:19:34:AM
California Secretary of State Alex Padilla has confirmed that double-voting by mail took place in the March 3, 2020, Super Tuesday primary (, Breitbart News has exclusively learned.
Days before Super Tuesday, citizen watchdog group Election Integrity Project California sent a letter to Padilla requesting his office look into possible double voting in the 2020 primary election.
More than a month later, in a letter dated April 7, 2020, Padilla confirmed double-voting in one case and suspected double-voting by a number of other registered voters on Super Tuesday, according to the letter obtained by Breitbart News.
Padilla confirmed in at least one case that two ballots from one voter were “opened and counted on election night.” Twelve of the 15 total registered voters identified with “duplicate voting history” are “suspected to have cast two ballots for the March primary election,” Padilla wrote in the letter.
In the remaining two cases, Padilla said county election officials “caught the duplicate voter records prior to election day and only one vote was tallied.” Padilla said the findings have been “forwarded to investigators to follow-up as necessary with the voters.”
The letter from Padilla can be read below:

Fraudulent California has made voting useless!

Title: Re: Chris Wallace Says NO EVIDENCE of Vote Fraud by Mail!
Post by: D2D on 05 24, 20, 04:20:26:AM
Among the many stories peddled by Democrats and their allies in the media about how Republicans supposedly want people to die from the coronavirus, perhaps none have been more prominent than the in-person election held April 7 in Wisconsin. Experts confidently predicted that the election would lead to a spike in coronavirus-related deaths.
Democratic strategist James Carville actually said ( that "Republicans will literally kill people to stay in power," and he was not ( alone. The internet was virtually flooded with hot-take think pieces from liberals confidently predicting ( that Republicans would be held accountable for killing people by requiring them to show up and vote.
Wisconsin's struggle with what to do about its elections was perhaps the most high-profile one in the country, for a number of reasons. It was the last seriously contested Democratic presidential primary, as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) dropped out after losing the state handily to former Vice President Joe Biden. There was also a hotly contested Supreme Court race on the ballot.

There's one major problem with that narrative: The in-person voting does not appear to have killed anyone. The state of Wisconsin could identify ( only about two dozen in-person voters who were infected with coronavirus, and it was impossible to prove that even those people got the virus from voting in person, as opposed to any other method.
"With the data we have, we can't prove an association," said the head of the state's Department of Health Services, according to National Review (
Even left-leaning fact-checking organization Politifact rated a Democratic state senator's claim ( that in-person voting caused a spike in COVID-19 cases as "false."

Oh, my!

Another bit of leftist dogma proven completely wrong!

Title: Re: Chris Wallace Says NO EVIDENCE of Vote Fraud by Mail!
Post by: D2D on 05 24, 20, 04:20:59:AM
Last week I wrote about ( a new constellation of leftist philanthropy trying to influence the rules of the 2020 election, including pushing vote-by-mail, paying reporters to deny that voter fraud exists, and lobbying Congress to federalize state power over elections. Less than 24 hours later, I saw these dollars in action – through a smear ( by the propagandists at ProPublica.

ProPublica is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) posing as a newsroom. It is the new model in a changing media landscape, where groups like George Soros’ Foundation to Promote Open Society give ProPublica hundreds of thousands of dollars ( and ProPublica does what the funders ask.
It should be no surprise that ProPublica is tasked with attacking anyone who reports on voter fraud or election security vulnerabilities but sometimes it rises to the level of parody.
A few weeks ago, my organization reported that federal data published by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission revealed a terrible problem with vote-by-mail. It turns out that tens of millions of ballots went missing, were rejected, went to the wrong address, and ultimately were never counted as valid votes.
You can read the disheartening data here (
Reporting on millions of ballots that were mailed out but never counted as valid votes is too much for ProPublica’s donor masters. So this weekend, Derek Willis of ProPublica penned ( a ham-handed attack on the revelation.
Willis responded to the report by arguing that these millions of ballots were in fact not “missing!” He insinuated that the whole kerfuffle of millions of mail ballots not ever coming back and getting counted was all cooked up.

The report describes as “missing” all mail ballots that were delivered to a valid address but not returned to be counted. In a statement accompanying the report, Adams said that unaccounted-for ballots “represent 28 million opportunities for someone to cheat.” In particular, the organization argues that the number of unreturned ballots would grow if more states adopt voting by mail.

Title: Re: Chris Wallace Says NO EVIDENCE of Vote Fraud by Mail!
Post by: D2D on 05 24, 20, 04:21:40:AM
Twice the usual number of suspects, including CNN’s combative Jim Acosta (, have been criticizing President Donald Trump for the concerns he has raised about elections conducted entirely by mail. 
As the president said in a tweet, we do need absentee ballots for “many senior citizens, military, and others who can’t get to the polls on Election Day.” But the president is right to be worried ( about elections conducted entirely by mail. 
Absentee ballotsare the tools of choice of election fraudsters because they are voted outsidethe supervision of election officials, making it easier to steal, forge, oralter them, as well as to intimidate voters.
Going entirely to by-mail elections would unwisely endanger the security and integrity of the election process, particularly if officials automatically mail absentee ballots to all registered voters without a signed, authenticated request from each voter. 

Voter registration rolls are notoriously inaccurate and out of date, containing the names of voters who are deceased, have moved, or otherwise have become ineligible. 
Having thousandsof ballots arriving in the mail for individuals who no longer reside at aregistered address risks those ballots being stolen and voted. 
Yet many liberals are pushing that very process.
The coronavirus bill that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., tried to pass would have forced states to mail absentee ballots to all registered voters, rather than allowing states to require a signed, absentee ballot request form that can be authenticated by election officials before a ballot is sent to the voter. 
Opportunity for Fraud
The problem (and opportunity for fraud) this could cause is illustrated by something the president talked about at one of his news conferences; namely, the settlement ( that Judicial Watch obtained from Los Angeles and the state of California over their failure to maintain the accuracy of their voter registration rolls. 
The state and LA agreed to remove from the rolls 1.5 million individuals who remained registered even though they no longer were eligible to vote. Imagine what would have happened if 1.5 million ballots were simply mailed out to all of those individuals to addresses where they no longer live.
Ballots are a valuable commodity. How many would have been voted anyway by fraudsters or vote harvesters collecting absentee ballots in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles?

Title: Re: Chris Wallace Says NO EVIDENCE of Vote Fraud by Mail!
Post by: D2D on 05 24, 20, 04:22:22:AM
Democrats want to mail ( every American a 2020 ballot and have people come to your house to pick up those ballots.
Can you imagine?
Can you imagine mailing out some 150 million ballots to every registered voter and having some politicized “organizer” pick them up?
“Sir, I’m here to pick up your presidential ballot.”
“I haven’t filled it out. You know, I’m not really paying attention.”
“That’s no problem. Why don’t you let me help you with that.”
Seriously, can you imagine?
Or how about the very idea of these “organizers” in possession and in control of who knows how many hundreds or thousands of ballots?
Democrats tried that in Arizona for the 2016 election. But the state passed a law against it, against what is known as “community ballot collection,” and the Supreme Court, thankfully, upheld ( the law, but only after the depraved 9th Circuit ruled against it.
But this is what Democrats want; this is how Democrats are exploiting the coronavirus pandemic and all the death and economic destruction that goes with it… To push terrible ideas like nationwide vote-by-mail and community ballot collection.
Anyone who believes in election and ballot integrity understands that the safest way to vote, to ensure a legal and orderly process, is in-person voting with a government ID.
Willy-nilly vote by mail is a terrible idea. My God, that would mean mailing ballots to every single registered voter in the country… But only for now. You know that eventually, Democrats will demand that everyone of voting age is mailed a ballot.
So what you would have are some 150 million presidential voting ballots floating around the country… How many would go to the wrong address? How easy would it be to vote twice: once in person and once by mail? How easy would it be to vote using someone else’s ballots?

How about, this easy (! And those are only the people who have been caught.

Title: Re: Chris Wallace Says NO EVIDENCE of Vote Fraud by Mail!
Post by: D2D on 05 24, 20, 04:23:02:AM
It’s not just one county in Texas either. When we were at the Justice Department (, we were involved in a case of systemic vote-by-mail fraud in Noxubee County, Mississippi. A federal court found that mail ballot fraud was very real, part of an organized scheme to disenfranchise voters. 
It worked like this. The harvesters snatched mail ballots from the mailboxes of people they knew. They would then knock on their doors, ballots in hand, offering to “help” them vote. The harvesters would then fill in the ballots for their candidates, regardless of what the intended voters had told them.                                                                                                                     
The court ruling contains tragic testimony from one victim, Susan Wood. When asked why she allowed a harvester to fill out her ballot, Ms. Wood answered that the harvester “knows folks” better than she did — a classic case of trust betrayed.
In 2011 in Troy, New York, a local political operative was convicted for submitting fraudulent absentee ballots. When asked why he targeted voters who lived in low-income housing, he said it was because they were a lot less likely to complain or notice their ballot had been stolen.
Those who commit mail ballot fraud are often in positions of relative power over the voter. Victims are frequently reluctant to speak with law enforcement officers because those committing the crime — the harvesters — live among them and are often politically well-connected. It took significant Justice Department ( resources to crack the case in Noxubee and unearth the plot.

Vote-harvesting fraud isn’t the end of the problems with vote-by-mail. States relying on this method inevitably send piles of ballots to obsolete addresses or to registrants who have died.
That’s because voter rolls are filled with errors. California voter rolls remain tainted with thousands of deceased registrants, as well as voters who say they live at commercial addresses. In Swissvale, Pennsylvania, one man had seven simultaneous active voter registrations at the same address. Vote-by-mail would send seven ballots to this house.
Advocates of vote-by-mail don’t understand the extent of the snafus on American voter rolls. They don’t understand the hundreds of thousands duplicate registrations that exist. They don’t understand the problem of placeholder registrations — where many registrations don’t even have full addresses. And those who do understand have chosen to turn a blind eye to these and other glaring problems.
Now, add to all these problems the simple fact that vote-by-mail is entirely dependent on the postal service — the same outfit that routinely delivers you your neighbor’s mail.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell deserves enormous credit for standing strong against effort to make vote-by-mail mandatory in every state. His stance has preserved the constitutional arrangement whereby states, not the folks in D.C., get to decide how to run their own elections.

Title: Re: Chris Wallace Says NO EVIDENCE of Vote Fraud by Mail!
Post by: davik62 on 05 24, 20, 04:11:57:PM

Your stuff has no basis in reality.
Go back to your cave..., try living in the REAL world.

Title: Re: Chris Wallace Says NO EVIDENCE of Vote Fraud by Mail!
Post by: D2D on 05 24, 20, 09:16:03:PM
Davik again proves he doesn't know the difference between opinion and fact!