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Title: Just gotta LOVE those Democrat supported Refugee's - Right?
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Mob with Hammers Descends on Minneapolis
A mob of 10 to 12 Somali males wielding hammers descended upon bystanders at the East Bank Light Rail station in Minneapolis , Minnisota (little Somalia Home of (D)Rep. Ilhan Abdullahi Omar) on Friday night injuring several, according to recorded police dispatch audio.
9:48 p.m.  2nd Precinct Minneapolis Crime Watch said that University of Minnesota (U of M) police were requesting assistance from Minneapolis police (MPD) and Metro Transit police for a group of males chasing people with hammers and that people were injured. Minutes later a Minneapolis Scanner said that three police departments were responding to “multiple [911] calls” Claiming 10-12 Somali males armed with hammers chasing people with “several injuries reported.