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Title: Been There?
Post by: zsq987 on 01 11, 19, 04:55:48:PM
The Falkland Islands are free from chain stores and restaurants. Instead, residents and guides
invite visitors to explore the nature of this quiet island chain, which is home to the Black-Browed
Albatross and five breeds of penguin. There is only one town on the islands, Stanley, with a population
of a little over 2,000 people. During your expedition to the Falklands, climb Mount Usborne, visit
the Shipwreck of Lady Elizabeth and be outnumbered by penguins on Bertha’s Beach, one of their
all-time favorite haunts.

We had the BEST Fish & Chips there!!!  Better than any we had in the UK.




Title: Re: Been There?
Post by: gwboolean on 01 11, 19, 04:58:48:PM
It's a shame that you have to go to the Falklands to observe clean places in a natural setting.  We used to have a whole lot of that here in the US, but have, over the last few decades, squandered that.

Title: Re: Been There?
Post by: WWV10MHZ on 01 12, 19, 12:14:25:AM
There thousands of miles of clean places in natural settings in America.  Just gotta get away from the urban areas.

Title: Re: Been There?
Post by: D2D on 01 12, 19, 09:39:53:PM
Hard to believe there was a war with Argentina fought there!

Guess the UK knows how to clean up the wreckage!