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Title: We’re witnessing a massive surge in far-right violence
Post by: wvit1001 on 10 29, 18, 03:54:47:PM
It’s unlikely to end soon.

The month shows how real the threat of violent extremist attacks has become.

A far-right mob brutally beating counter-protesters while yelling “faggot.” A series of pipe bombs mailed to the prominent liberals who are most featured in right-wing conspiracies. A white supremacist murder of two black senior citizens in a Kentucky grocery store. The mass shooting of eleven worshipers at a synagogue in what is described as the worst anti-Semitic attack in U.S. history.

All these events have happened in just over a fortnight. More crucially, they all bear hallmarks of violent, far-right bigotry, which President Donald Trump still refuses to call out and denounce.