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Title: NBC is biased propaganda
Post by: chuck_curtis on 10 26, 18, 07:47:46:PM
NBC sat on information that directly rebutted a claim of sexual assault against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh before publishing it this week.

Three women accused Kavanaugh, 54, of sexually assaulting them when he was in high school or college but none could provide evidence or witnesses. Damaging their claims even further, two women provided the names of people they said were at the locations of the alleged assaults but all of the witnesses denied the events described or didn’t comment.

Julie Swetnick came forward with the most outrageous account, claiming Kavanaugh and other boys routinely spiked punch at 10 parties in the 1980s in the Maryland area before sexually assaulting girls who had consumed the drink. Swetnick, who was three years older than Kavanaugh at the time, later revised her claim.

A direct rebuttal of Swetnick’s story from an alleged witnessed she named was obtained by NBC on Sept. 30 and only published on Oct. 26.

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