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Title: Who Is She Imitating- Lawrence Welk or Count Dracula?
Post by: Oscar_LaVista on 10 25, 18, 02:29:12:PM
At Trump's most recent show at the White House, he made Melania open the show with a speech apparently about opioids and babies with some kind of defect.  But Melania, merry prankster that she is, decided to impersonate either Dracula or Lawrence Welk reading the bland prepared statement off the teleprompter like Dracula or Lawrence Welk would if in a hypnotized state, with no inflection, in a dull, flat monotone like some sort of boring robot.  Hilarious!!  And, as usual, at all public events the Donald is connected to, he made sure all the local interns and staffers and maybe even a few paid off loud clappers were on hand to give her a rousing round of applause for her goofy hypnotized dracula or lawrence welk imitation of a bland speech!!  it was the loudest applause ever given for such a boring speech in history....