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Title: June
Post by: Jim on 07 02, 18, 04:27:07:AM
My wife is in the hospital on a Bipap (not bpap) ventilator. She has severe COPD, a massive infection, MRSA, and a failing heart. She and I started going steady when she was 13, just a month or two from 14. That was 54 years ago. We've been married 48 of that. The doctors told me today she has just a few months to live and will put her on hospice in the hospital.  I didn't take it very well even though deep inside I already knew.  There's just something about being told that stabs you.

This photo is from when I was in Vietnam. That would have made her 18 at the time.  A year later we married. I have no idea how I managed to be the lucky one.


Title: Re: June
Post by: takncarabizniz on 07 02, 18, 04:48:45:PM
Jim, your dedication to your lovely wife is incomparable.

We keep you both in our prayers daily and sincerely hope that you are able to keep your strength of resolve up, through this difficult time.
Having just gone through this with my husband's mother last year, preparation kept her going.  She had a plan and wanted to ensure it was in place before she left. 

Just being by your wife's side means the world to her.  Let all else be damned, take this time to be with her and know that every day after she will always be with you.

Take care of yourself, please.  We're all thinking about you.

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Post by: emilyB on 07 02, 18, 05:08:14:PM
Jim, so sad to read that your wife is losing her battle.  I will pray for you both and for your strength to get you through this time. You are at her side and that's what matters to her.

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Post by: pacifica on 07 02, 18, 05:23:50:PM
Keeping you and your dearest June in my heart and prayers, Jim.
: ‘ ] ‘ ‘ ‘ Your long love story brings me to tears : ‘
I pray for God’s comfort to be with you both and may the Lord give you as much time together as possible.

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Post by: sunshine on 07 02, 18, 10:32:28:PM
Hugs and prayers....she looks a lot like my sister...her exact smile.

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Post by: Jim on 07 03, 18, 04:34:13:AM
Last minute reprieve.

I talked to my wifes doctor that she's been with for 12 years, he's the one who first wanted to put her into Hospice. The reason is because when I first took her to the hospital, she was was in horrible shape. Once she got to a room she curled up in bed like a little old lady, with the forced air mask, not eating, and sleeping all the time. And with everything that was wrong with her gave all indications she was ready to leave. But over the last week she had been sitting up as much as her breathing would allow her, she's been eating, not much, but enough to get the attention of the doctors, and she was removing the air mask for short periods showing she's trying to get off it.
So, the good news is that the Doctor now wants to momentarily cancel the Hospice and send her to a nearby LTAC (Long Term Acute Care) facility (that specializes in hard cases), for about two weeks to see if they can help her.  He asked me if that was OK, (WELL DUH!  Yes!)   Maybe they can help her come home under just regular nursing care. If not, then they will again recommend Hospice care.  She still has a LOT wrong with her.
But, she has at least has a chance to fight and be with us a bit longer.

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Post by: takncarabizniz on 07 03, 18, 08:49:47:AM
The power of love and prayer does wonders! 
Embrace every moment and give her your time...that is what she needs the most now.

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Post by: sunshine on 07 03, 18, 08:51:21:AM
Hope~~~and pray.

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Post by: pacifica on 07 03, 18, 10:22:18:AM
Thank God. We are all praying for her strength, Jim.

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Post by: emilyB on 07 03, 18, 02:37:19:PM
Yes, pray for even a small miracle and hope will sustain you.  It shows how much your love and dedication has helped your wife, Jim.  We're pulling for you both.

Title: Re: June
Post by: pacifica on 07 03, 18, 08:51:18:PM
You’ve probably already searched /tried if any natural remedies might be helpful.With Doc’s permission of course:

Hope it’s been a good/better day for you and June, Jim. Everyone is praying and thinking about you two.

Lung Institute | 6 Natural COPD Treatments to Try Right Now
Lung Institute › blog › 6-natural-treatme...
Jul 25, 2016 · ...choose a milk alternative such as Almond or Soy milk. Ginseng. One of the best natural treatments for COPD is ginseng. Antioxidant Vitamins. Antioxidants are crucial for the body as they allow it to use oxygen more efficiently so that it enters the bloodstream in the proper amounts.
Best Natural Treatments for COPD | Lung Institute
Lung Institute › blog › best-natural-treat...
Dec 9, 2017 · Herbal Remedies. Eucalyptus—helps break up congestion and expel phlegm. Ginger—has many benefits, such as breaking down mucus, improving circulation to the lungs and reducing inflammation. Oregano—contains carvacrol and rosmarinic acid, which are natural decongestants and antihistamines.

I know it’s more complicated, but just an example, etc., a cup of ginger tea, or....anything
that would help and not harm... and soothing

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Post by: pacifica on 07 04, 18, 08:12:46:PM
Happy 4th, ((Jim&June))

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Post by: WWV10MHZ on 07 05, 18, 09:54:53:PM
Jim......  Thoughts & Prayers are with you and yours.



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Post by: takncarabizniz on 07 23, 18, 06:22:49:PM

You and June remain in our prayers daily.  These are difficult times and God's plan sometimes doesn't match our desires.  Take care of yourself, rest when you can, and remember that there are so many things out of our control, we often must choose to just let them happen, be at peace, and just be there to hold a hand, or stroke a forehead.  May you be blessed with peace and inner strength for the difficult journey you are enduring with your beloved wife. 
Peace be with you both.

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Post by: emilyB on 07 23, 18, 06:34:30:PM
We continue to pray for you and your wife June, Jim.  She is blessed to have you at her side and your love and strength will give her eternal peace.

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Post by: pacifica on 07 23, 18, 09:03:45:PM
You’re in our hearts and prayers all the time, we think of you two daily,((Jim&June)), and pray for God’s healing and comfort.((Best to you both))

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Post by: takncarabizniz on 07 24, 18, 04:00:26:PM

Title: Re: June
Post by: Jim on 07 25, 18, 02:12:52:AM
I lost my wife of 48 years today, though we've been together for 54 years, since going steady in 1964 since she was 13.
I am told she is in a better place. Except her place is supposed to be here.
June Marie Young-Samples


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Post by: emilyB on 07 25, 18, 03:58:58:AM
My deepest sympathies to you Jim.  May God bless and sustain you during this sad time and may your dear wife, June, rest in peace.

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Post by: takncarabizniz on 07 25, 18, 08:01:50:AM
Jim, there are never really appropriate words for such a loss, but you have been in our prayers and I again pray that God grants you strength and comfort during this difficult time.  May you be comforted by your wonderful memories, and the knowledge that you allowed June to leave on her terms.  She was where she wanted to be, at home, with you. 


Title: Re: June
Post by: pacifica on 07 25, 18, 06:19:35:PM
Jim, I’m so sorry to read the loss of your beloved June. What a beautiful lifetime love story you both shared hand in hand. You two have been in our hearts and prayers daily, and love, deepest condolences and sympathy with God’s great strength are here with you now and always.

Title: Re: June
Post by: wxzyw on 07 25, 18, 07:58:01:PM
Jim, my prayers and condolences... she had a difficult time these last couple of years and you were both at each other's side through all of it... you both loved each other... she's at peace now.

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Post by: justincase on 07 26, 18, 07:30:21:PM
My deepest condolences on the loss of your wife.

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Post by: sunshine on 07 26, 18, 09:14:58:PM
My thoughts and prayers are with you, Jim.

Title: Re: June
Post by: captain_kook on 07 27, 18, 01:43:42:AM
I never know what to say about things like this -  lots of people are feeling this way

take care of yourself and your family, Jim

Title: Re: June
Post by: KensanIV on 08 02, 18, 03:07:58:PM
Jim, I shall say a special prayer for your wife tonight. I have been married 45 years in July... I cannot imagine what life would be if I lost my companion. 

May you find the necessary strength to remember all of the good times  and take comfort there.

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Post by: takncarabizniz on 08 02, 18, 05:46:28:PM
For anyone interested, there is a GoFundMe memorial for June to benefit the wounded warriors please PM me if you would like the link.  Donations directly to Wounded Warriors is also appreciated.

Jim has a lot to deal with right now, but I know he's thinking about his Aesop's family as well.

He also shared a memorial that was presented by Bill Whittle in the Stratosphere Lounge.

Title: Re: June
Post by: takncarabizniz on 08 18, 18, 03:44:57:PM
This is a sad, but beautiful song that kind of says it all...

I know June is looking down and smiling, keeping a hand on your shoulder Jim, always there, always guiding, always loving...

Please be blessed with your wonderful memories and thank you for continuing to support us here. 

Title: Re: June
Post by: emilyB on 08 19, 18, 03:56:19:AM
Beautiful takn!  I've been thinking about Jim too and how he's doing in these first weeks.  I did watch Bill Whittle's memorial and it was a lovely tribute.  I'm glad you posted it here and not the other Board where, for some, nothing is sacred.