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Title: I need the geek squad
Post by: takncarabizniz on 08 23, 10, 06:12:06:PM
Yesterday, our computer went haywire.  We have internet access according to our provider, it is communicating fine with the modem and computer, but we still have no internet access(I'm at the library). 
We've run every diagnostic, we did a system restore to an earlier date, but we have this box that keeps popping up asking us what program we want to open this file called "the" on and we can't make it go away.  Our security keeps telling us we're at risk, then it says we're fine and I can't figure out how to reinstall internet explorer 8...
My husband said that when he was on the phone with our net provider, he ended up in a file that said we had a bunch of windows updates that were not updated successfully...
Does anyone have any suggestions?  I am planning on calling Geek Squad today and having Thing 2 save all our files, music and pictures to our external drive...can he also save our mcafee and our windows office programs without having to completely reinstall them back later?

Title: Re: I need the geek squad
Post by: takncarabizniz on 08 23, 10, 10:54:16:PM
Well, we figured it out, sort of.  Turns out a change for our local phone provider (which was a takeover, not a request by us) was supposed to leave our internet alone, however, somehow, we got dropped and my computer kept asking me to download the server...well, I finally did and it works fine, except that we can't get our internet protection software to reopen, so we'll probably have to reload that.
I called the company, who had a representative on the line with my husband yesterday, telling us, it was a problem with our computer, nothing was wrong on their end...uh, yeah, there was...

Title: Re: I need the geek squad
Post by: Gale96 on 12 08, 11, 09:24:02:AM
I would like to start a Geeksquad Q&A for those outthere who might have questions. Maybe about their experience with an Agent. Howto know if you have the right Agent for your problem? Knowing little thingslike asking for the senior agent, or asking for the DCI (with is thesupervisor). Usually the senior agent does the most tech work at the bench.Though a DCI will handle the most difficult problems at a Geeksquad Precinct.If you have any problems at a Geeksquad bench you should first ask for the "DCI".This should be the person whom with care the most about your problem and makingyou happy at the end of the day. If you have problems with the DCI you shouldask for the services manager. Even if you have to wait or come back to talk tothem directly. A services manager can authorize "free" work to makeyou happy if it applies in your particular case. If you continue to have aproblem which you feel need resolution you can call 1800bestbuy and escalateyour issue to a corporate level. If you have been wronged in any way, they canmake an offer of resolution over the phone. Which basically gets everyone atthe store in trouble, up to and including termination.