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Title: (((Willamette)))
Post by: pacifica on 07 10, 15, 06:19:16:PM
Willam, I'm so sorry to read about the loss of your dear Father. May he rest in heaven's peace~deepest sympathies.

I was reading on the main board and read the sad news. But what a FULL life he had, 85!
A Cheer and `Cheetos` to him.( And now with the Lord.

Title: Re: (((Willamette)))
Post by: willam on 07 11, 15, 12:44:43:PM
Thank you, Pacifica.

He was a humble good man. Oh how he is missed.

Title: Re: (((Willamette)))
Post by: pacifica on 07 11, 15, 03:01:15:PM
Indeed. I enjoyed reading about your sweet days with Dad. Just being with him. Your words of appreciation for him really struck a chord. Between yours and some of the other posts by those who have lost a parent and from friends---it has caused me during these last few years to really appreciate the precious time with Mom and Dad. And will be very blessed if I have them for as long as God's will!

Title: Re: (((Willamette)))
Post by: emilyB on 07 12, 15, 04:24:50:AM
I am so sorry to read of Willam's loss.  I knew from past posts that your Dad wasn't doing well, Willam.  I hope your Mom is holding up.  It's so hard to lose family.  I have an aunt in England who is 92 and she has just recently got a little computer and is actually learning to send me emails.  She told me she will make it to 100 so that she can receive special birthday greetings from the Queen, which is the tradition.  She has some heart problems so I am keeping hopeful she will make it.

Title: Re: (((Willamette)))
Post by: willam on 07 12, 15, 02:45:17:PM
Emily - here's hoping your aunt makes it to 100! You are blessed to have her in your life. My mom is holding up - but still a bit in shock. She had a life partner for 61 years. It is hard to move on without him. We keep him alive in our conversations and prayers. Our tribute to him is to never forget and to reach for a smile instead of a tear when we talk about him.
Thanks for the kind words, everyone.

Title: Re: (((Willamette)))
Post by: emilyB on 07 12, 15, 06:48:02:PM
Your Mom .will take great comfort from you, Willam and having her family around her. 

Title: Re: (((Willamette)))
Post by: sunshine on 07 16, 15, 11:16:34:AM
You have my deepest sympathies, William. May he rest in peace.