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Title: DWTS last night
Post by: emilyB on 10 28, 14, 09:52:59:PM
Who would have thought that Antonio Sabato and Cheryl Burke would be dumped before Chong and that race car driver, Michael, who just lumbers.

At least Tommy Chong can play the age card as an excuse.

"WORST OF THE NIGHT | Michael Waltrip and pro Emma Slater: This country-themed, cringe-worthy jive generated the scariest comments of the night. Len declared Michael was “running on empty” by even making it to week 7, while Julianne used an apt Halloween-inspired description, simply calling it a “nightmare.” Bruno even wondered if Michael would make the DWTS history books: “I think you’ve broken the records actually of being off-time.” Carrie Ann simply called it “sad” and unsurprisingly, so were the scores, which included across the board 5s from the judges."

Title: Re: DWTS last night
Post by: pacifica on 10 31, 14, 11:03:59:AM
It was so good seeing Len again!, and can't believe Antonio is gone!!! The race car driver must have a real fan base, obviously the judges scores aren't what is keeping him here.

Title: Re: DWTS last night
Post by: pacifica on 10 31, 14, 11:30:37:AM
He'll probably be the next to go with those judges scores, but looking at his latest dance, I enjoyed it! Especially over some of his others. And he is a good ol boy, a real man and has good sense of humor. Plus great song too doesn't hurt haha

Title: Re: DWTS last night
Post by: emilyB on 10 31, 14, 09:47:22:PM
Is it too early to say I think Alfonso might win?  I get a bit tired of seeing Derek Hough win time after time although he is about the best pro and so likeable.

Title: Re: DWTS last night
Post by: pacifica on 11 02, 14, 02:39:25:PM
I think Alfonso is tops too! Hopefully no more injuries as can happen with any one of them. I've got to get some of these celebrities straight as some I still don't really know who they are; one who played in 'mean girls' which I never saw, but read she and Val are hitting it off in real life. Of course, Valentine(sp) is a <3throb, wow can he move. Then the girl from youtube, never saw her until this show.

Once the race car driver and chong goes home -- then it's down to business.'-)

Love those Chmerkovsky (sp) brothers! Wish Max would have been the next judge instead of Hough sister. Really liked her as a pro, but not as a judge now.

I've been turned off to Derrik since he was rude to 'miss Abby' when she was guest judging. Yes that loud mouth lady lol but she was judging fairly and on her best behavior. Derrik dissed her right during the show on national tv AS she was judging, not a good move at least I don't think so haha.

Then over the next weeks continued trashing her trash reality show --which is true-- but much of the trash comes from the mother's themselves plus producers trying to push the limits. Abby Miller has had a legitimate business since before Derrik was even in diapers.

I had a hard/strict track & drill team coach back in day and she so helped us excel. Of course no attention-seeking mothers coming to school or producers trying to make a show.

Favorite song/choreography from her

Title: Re: DWTS last night
Post by: pacifica on 11 04, 14, 01:20:05:AM
Aww, touching goodbye tonight: `]...won't say who incase you've taped and will watch later.

Wow, favorite dances for me tonight were Val and partner's Romeo and Juliet...Ah-mazing, Duck daughter's Adam & Eve, Derick and Bethany's Ricky and Lucy and Alfonso's Prince dance!!&moves!Batman & Robin

Title: Re: DWTS last night
Post by: emilyB on 11 05, 14, 10:34:41:PM
Agree with all of that Pacifica and next week poor old Chong gets the gong, right? 

Title: Re: DWTS last night
Post by: pacifica on 11 10, 14, 11:24:11:PM
Ohhh my gosh, can you believe it!!?? LOL I guess a lot of old bongers are voting and not gonging ol chong.