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GOIP blocks veterans bill

Feb 27, 2014

thehill [dot] com/blogs/floor-action/.../199480-gop-blocks-veterans-bill...

Republicans said the new healthcare and education programs was not properly ... It also sought to permanently fix a cut to the growth rate of veterans' pensions

politicususa [dot] com/.../

2 days ago -
Republican and Democratic presidents have had to deal with VA ..... But if your funding was cut by REPUBLICANS what more could he do?

Paul Ryan (R-WI) supports "cutting funding for veterans by 24 percent.".

Paul Ryan & the GOP Must Own the Cuts to Veterans Benefits

redstate [dot]com/.../paul-ryan-the-gop-must-own-the-cuts-to-v...


Dec 18, 2013 -
The Republicans could have restored the cuts themselves in the House. Instead, they voted for the plan with the cuts to veterans benefits and the VA..

REPUBLICANS vote to cut VA funding - Topix

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Mar 11, 2014 - 3 posts - ‎2 authors
all of the Republicans federal and state as well as local keep taxes low by cutting VA funding when the troops come home

Republicans Seek To Cut Benefits for Disabled Veterans
disabledveterans [dot]org/.../republicans-seek-to-cut-1-3-millio...

Apr 16, 2011 -
Disabled Veterans need to be on the lookout for Republican cuts in VA funding

newscorpse [dot] com/ncWP/?p=14503
4 days ago - So let's take a look at the recent congressional budget battles that show Republicans aggressively cutting veterans benefits and funds for the ...